The Animated “Bite Me” French Lesson

A while back, I did a guest strip for Dylan Meconis’ Bite Me, over on Girlamatic. Jennifer Rutherford was kind or crazy enough to turn it into a nifty animated GIF. I got a kick out of it, so maybe you will too. Behold!

Shaenon of the present here. Isn’t this thing nifty? I was and am a giant fan of Bite Me!, and then it was even cooler when Jennifer turned my fancomic into an animated gif. Dylan was kind enough to include the non-animated version in the recent Bite Me! print collection, which you can buy at her online store, along with her current comic, Family Man, which is a must-read.

What other cool things do we have for today? Oh, hey, Victorian Narbonic figurines!

Lanse Tryon made pewter RPG figurines of Victorian Helen, Dr. Pim, and the Martian soldiers. Writes Lanse, “The figures are all mounted on US pennies. The Doppelganger is by Hinterland Miniatures, Helen is (I think) from Wargames Foundry, and Dr. Pim is an octopus from Reaper Miniatures onto which I added a raygun and putty goggles and a beak. All three models were painted by me.”

Totally sweet. Thank you, Lanse!

7 thoughts on “The Animated “Bite Me” French Lesson

  1. It was really funny – I read that as Bite Mel at first. She does look quite a bit like Mel – round face and dark hair, at least. What is he saying at the end? I can’t see it long enough to figure it out.

  2. It looks like “Vous povez vous retirer” to me. Google Translate renders that as “Bracket and you can withdraw.” I’m kind of in the dark here.

  3. I think it’s misspelled. Should be “Vous poUvez vous retirer.” Which roughly means “You can go now.”

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