Andrew’s 24 Hour Comic, Part Four

For those of you reading this comic today, what you have to understand is that, by around Hour 20 of 24 Hour Comics Day, you start getting pretty loopy.

Andrew’s concept of the mayor only gets better if you know that the actual mayor of Andrew’s hometown is the lady who manages the local grocery store.

That’s got to be one specific town charter. Andrew absolutely loved this image and idea. Originally he planned to follow this up with minicomics about his childhood in which the town mayor would continue to be a cat riding on an elephant, with no further explanation.

As I write this, my cat Tesla is marching around the house yowling at the top of her lungs to let us know she’s annoyed about things, and she more than has my blessing to hitchhike to Washington, D.C. with an elephant. In fact, I encourage it.

Why? Who knows? The important thing is that Andrew completed a 24-hour comic!

I also drew a 24-hour comic, which I originally intended to post, but I chickened out. It was all angsty anyway.

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