Demon Slayer Seth

“Demon Slayer Seth” came out of my fascination with four-panel gag manga, which are almost never funny but have an aesthetic that I like. These strips were strangely satisfying to draw, as evidenced by the fact that SPOILERS I did a second set of them a week later.

4 thoughts on “Demon Slayer Seth

  1. Needs more nyoro~n.

    The instruction manual for Snowboard Kids 2 for the N64 introduces all the weapons with a silly 4koma for each, which was pretty neat at the time, and may still be many people’s only experience with the genre.

    • You forgot the smoked cheese, nyao!

      Or should I say {putting on wire-rimmed glasses and North High schoolgirl uniform} “…”?

      (I’m assuming we’re thinking of the same 4-koma…)

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