Professor Madblood and the Everlasting Ices of the North: May 22-27, 2006

More than anything else, Madblood just wants validation for his magnificent achievements. He’s a lot like me in that way. Speaking of which, I drew an adorable Arctic lair. It looks a little like the instant houses from the early chapters of Dragonball.

Want the original art for this strip?

Lovelace’s appearance is based on Madblood’s previously established fixation on Jennifer Connelly, specifically on Connelly playing Bettie Page in The Rocketeer. She’s got a Bettie Page haircut and figure. Her outfit and pose are lifted from the first appearance of Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man comics, as drawn by the great John Romita Sr.:

So it’s kind of a triple nerd dream going on here.

Yes, this is the kind of body Madblood would design. I like how innocently delighted with Lovelace he is, though. He’s clearly been waiting on pins and needles for a third party to whom to show off his handiwork.

The best part of this strip is Dave being weirded out in the third panel. Sorry, Dave. It’s an awkward social situation.

This strip is very silly and was basically written to advance the plot. On the other hand, I drew a pretty damn good cot in a boiler room.

Lovelace is very cute in the first panel. Poor Lovelace.

Want the original art for this strip?

This is the strip where I explain the premise of the storyline! It’s important later on. Sort of.

The table with the little gears on it is inspired by an amazing stainless-steel dinner table that used to be in the window of an antique store in my old neighborhood. Oh, I wanted that table so bad. I still do, even though the table vanished from the window years ago and the store itself is out of business. Sigh.

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32 thoughts on “Professor Madblood and the Everlasting Ices of the North: May 22-27, 2006

  1. @peterv  I could imagine both of them wanting to smoke, for exactly the reason that Dave never used to: in a mistaken attempt to impress girls in high school.

    The Arctic is a pretty boss design.  (It could only be better if it were being attacked by an adorable flying island.)

  2. @PeterV: “…either of them ‘wanting’ to smoke”

    I’m sure there’s some Madblood/Dave slash out there.

  3. I was going to make a joke about “You just hit the jackpot” and the earliest computer fruit machine (with an added Discworld ref). But in context, MELON MELON MELON sounded like it meant something else entirely…

  4. Tuesday:

    Dave is seriously reconsidering going to a part of the Earth where cabin fever manifests instantaneously.

  5. Just think if Lovelace had been named after Mary Jane … “Hello Dave, I’m WATSON.”   “Er … I’m Holmes.”

  6. Here, all that practice drawing female anatomy pays off, big time.

    I never knew that this degree of voluptuousness had a particular name.

  7. Ah, Madblood.  If clues were shoes, he’d be barefoot, yet his denseness is strangely endearing.

  8. Wednesday:

    It’s kind of embarrassing how Madblood will just boast about Lovelace right in front of her like an over-proud father. I can’t imagine how she picked up any social skills with this guy as her main influence.

  9. All of them, up to where they start repeating.But she didn’t save them- she’s not really into that super-nerd stuff.

  10. Thursday:

    Hmm – this staging seems almost deliberately familiar… aha. I knew that window placement reminded me of something.

  11. Did Madblood set up a boiler room solely to humiliate his henchman?  Surely he has more sophisticated heating sources than that.

  12. A little late, I guess, but shouldn’t that be “… as are below my station”?

    Unless he means patching the top of the dome.

  13. Shouldn’t Madbllood’s line in panel 2 be “beneath my station”?  Or is this some sort of Screwtape Letters -type lowerarchy where “down” is more pretigious?

  14. Apparently, these days you can’t even get Rice-A-Roni anymore, with or without jagged metal bits….

  15. I can’t help but imagine that someplace out there is a timeline where Dave and Madblood just become pals during this storyline, and instead of a big climactic fight, it’s just two people bonding.

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