One thought on “Art Day, Etc. (Featuring Timothy Taylor, Magnolia, Porter, Davide, and Cindy McShane)

  1. Yes, Magnolia Porter rocks.  If I ever win the lottery, I want to finance a movie version of “The Good Crook”.

    (TUNE: “Never On Sunday”, Manos Hadjidakis & Billy Towne)

    Now while I’m working on
    A weekday, a work day, a weak way
    To spend my precious time …

    Then I will slave away
    Unblinking, while inking, and thinking
    Of jokes that are sublime!

    And on my pencil I am
    Gnawing while drawing, and clawing
    My way through plots and plans!

    But on this Sunday there’s
    An Art Day!  A smart way to start, day
    Of artwork from the fans!

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