Demon Slayer Seth: Karaoke

I remember drawing these strips while hanging out with Eric Burns during one of his trips to San Francisco. One of the ideas I had about Caliban that never made it into Narbonic proper was that, even as a mortal, he still has an angelic singing voice–which is unfortunately too much for most people to hear safely.

The last panel of the last strip is very Perry Bible Fellowship. Also, I wish I’d drawn more of these things.

10 thoughts on “Demon Slayer Seth: Karaoke

  1. Okay, so I’m dense, but I’ve never understood the crossed clubs/drumsticks/marimba mallets/whatevs.  Someone please smarten me up.

  2. Kay et al: IIRC, There is also a similarly shaped lollipop (smaller, and no chewy center) under the brand name “Dum Dum”.

  3. (TUNE: “On Top Of Old Smokey”, traditional)

    Let’s sing karaoke
    Tonight at the bar!
    Our favorite chibis
    Will each be a star!

    First Mell is emoting
    A note full of death!
    Enchanting those suckers,
    Poor Cal and poor Seth!

    Then Seth comes out wailing,
    So flat, full of pain!
    Like driving a nail in
    To Caliban’s brain!

    Now Caliban’s belting
    A note from Above!
    The fans’ heads are melting,
    And Mell is in love!

  4. In particular, I remember the two of us drinking coffee while you began preliminary work on Cal’s musical ‘note.’ You had been somewhat concerned as to whether you could render it sufficiently… er, sufficient.As it turns out, you could.

    • Just so you know, reading this gave me a Dogma flashback. You rock, Shaenon!

      (Now hurry up and finish the Narbonic/Skin Horse RPG so we can buy it from the Couscous Collective store and support your next webcomic!)

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