3 thoughts on “A Brief Moment of Culture, Part 5

  1. “Pressurized napalm” is a pretty good place for a chapter break.

    That AI is a pretty tenacious plot motivator, isn’t it? If only Artie had considered asking for 4’33” on repeat.

  2. Yeah, it would have prevented the yogurt calamity, at least.  But <a href=”http://www.webcomicsnation.com/shaenongarrity/narbonic/series.php?view=archive&chapter=10044″> by the time he thinks of it</a> it’s too late.  (Spoilers in the URL, natch, to anyone following along for the first time.)

    And I just know that link attempt is gonna fail hard. 

  3. (TUNE: “The Sounds Of Silence”, Simon and Garfunkel)

    I’m a sen-ti-ent A.I.
    I’ve come to sing a lullaby …
    I’ll select the assonances
    Apropos your circumstances,
    The hypnotic hum will numb your cranium;
    You’ll succumb,
    And savor sounds … of science!

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