Halloween Costumes!

The costumes were indeed based on some pirate drawings Dorothy Gambrell did, but I can’t find them now. Sorry. Anyway, Halloween costumes! Always enjoy them. Sadly, Artie makes a very bad parrot and is not immediately visible, especially in the first panel, making it look like Dave is making pointed comments about his parrotness.

6 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes!

  1. If I were more familiar with their music, I would have come up with a song parody from the “Stone Temple Pirates”. 

    *Ahem* ANYway …

    (TUNE: “Walk This Way”, by Aerosmith)

    Lookie here we’re dressed up,
    Calendar is messed up,
      Look at what a reader sent!
    Yeah, Zach is not a jerk, he
    Took a pic at Berkeley;
      Building where the roof is bent!
    Clothes by Gambrell
    And complaints by Mell,
      Dave and Artie just want a beer!
    And the sword Helen’s wavin’
    Wasn’t meant for shavin’!
      Man, she gets all the love ’round here!

    (The readers all)
    Like her best!
    Like her dressed!
    Like her best!
    Like her dressed!

    Just gimme a beer!

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