A Brief Moment of Culture, Part 6

That is a friggin’ awesome gun.

Moving on… Rod Anderson sent me what is now one of my favorite pieces of Narbonic art ever. Rod writes: ” I took my cue from the strip where Dave imagines a karmic procession of Daves tormented by Helens throughout human history, and depicted the Georgian Helen Narbon who, one supposes, immediately preceded the Victorian one.”

It’s true! The Irish are terrifying! Thank you, Rod!

12 thoughts on “A Brief Moment of Culture, Part 6

  1. What a coincidence – this is also one of my favourite pieces of Narbonic art.

    “Class Magenta” is quite a fitting Helenic touch, perhaps even more so than ‘Kill Everything A Lot’ mode.

  2. That is a absofrigginlutely awesome sauce piece of faux-Georgian artwork.  My electronically simulated hat is off to you, Mr. Anderson.

    Also:  Big Freakin’ ™ Gun count: 28

  3. Wouldn’t there have been a Regency or Empire Helen in between?  One can just imagine Narbonics as written by Georgette Heyer, with Dave a member of the Four Horse Club and wearing a caped overcoat.

    Or maybe not.

  4. I gulp my yogurt in their honor: plastic bottle, code 2.  May they all go from victory to complete success, a hundred times.  In all cultures where Narbons have thrived, let’s take a brief moment to celebrate their achievements.

  5. Hrm, what is the profession of Georgian Dave?  He is holding a pie-chart, so he might be an accountant, but somehow I do not see any Dave Davenport(or D— D——–) ever taking up accounting.

  6. I think the Georgian cartoon is the single best thing I’ve seen today. 

    Carl Fishman (carlfishman) says: Wouldn’t there have been a Regency or Empire Helen in between?

    I initially parsed that as “Helen Empire”. Which I don’t think is all that implausible, really. And would also be awesome.

  7. @Rockphed;  You may be correct about the pie chart, but I took it to be a tricorne hat myself.  Which woud be a bit more in period.  (Though I’m not sure when pie charts were invented.) 

    Other great features of Regency Narbonics;  Dr. Antonio Smith asa Bow Street Runner!  Mell as a French Incroyable!  Helen as a Bluestocking!  Madblood winding up really big clockwork wooden soldiers!  The more I think about this, the more I wish that someone would do it!

    • Why stop then? How about an Ancient Greek version, around the same time as Heron of Alexandria? Helen, we know, is a Greek name, and I’m sure there’s a Greek equivalent of Dave. Mell would, of course, be a Gaulish barbaroi (barbarian), possibly a freedwoman formerly owned by Helen. Artie would possibly need to be changed into something more appropriate (rodent chimera, perhaps?)…

      You know, I see this turning into a Narbonic spinoff comic, complete with guest writers and possibly guest artists as well. The Seven Ages of Narbonic, perhaps? Or better still, Narbon Sliders, with our heroes travelling across parallel dimensions and meeting alternate history versions of themselves?

      Of course, why stop there? We could even have Narbonic parodies of our favorite TV shows, movies, video games, etc…. For example, “To Boldly Narbon Where No Helen Has Gone Before!”

    • I’ve heard that pie charts were invented by Florence Nightingale (yes, *the* Florence Nightingale), but according to Wikipedia she was rather influential in popularising their use (she definitely *was* a prominent statistician), and the first known pie chart was created by William Playfair in 1801. Whether that is Georgian or Regency seems to depend on the definition used, so having Georgian Dave sport a pie chart is apparently: plausible.

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