The Cartoonist Speaks from Napa

A quick filler post. I was spending the weekend in Calistoga, where they do the famous mud baths. Andrew and I have gone there several times, but we’ve never actually done the mud bath thing. It seems counterintuitive.

Anyway, these icons are boss. The Zeta one turned out especially well. And Mark made an icon of my head! I’m so proud.

2 thoughts on “The Cartoonist Speaks from Napa

  1. Well, of course he made an icon of you, Shaenon!  You are an iconic figure in webcomics, after all. <3

  2. My wife and I have done the mud baths a few times.  It’s lovely, like being a grape suspended in hot-but-firm jello.

    The mud is sterilized, too.

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