Guest Art with Artie and Mongor

I’m sorry I didn’t do a whole series of Artie/Mongor strips like this. I also liked the idea of giving them a talk show. I spent a fair amount of time trying and failing to find an opportunity to use the phrase, “Artie, Mongor, and Andrew Sullivan for balance.”

Laura Chapple, a.k.a. Irony-Chan is, of course, the creator of such comics as Get Medieval and Dumnestor’s Heroes, among others. She drew the awesome bonus story in Narbonic Volume 4, which is now out of print. But never fear! It’s been reprinted in the brand-new Narbonic: The Perfect Collection omnibus, now available at the Couscous Collective store! Plug over.

Seanan McGuire was nominated for a Hugo Award this year for her wonderful zombie novel Feed (written under the pseudonym Mira Grant). Great things happen to the artists of Narbonic fan art.

10 thoughts on “Guest Art with Artie and Mongor

  1. Completely coincidentally, Seanan just (as in Saturday evening, about 9 hours ago as I post this at 5:29 EDT) won two more Pegasus awards for her filksongs — “Evil Laugh”, for “Best Badass Song” and “Wicked Girls” for Best Song!  That this happened less than 12 hours before her fan art got reposted on Narbonic is clearly an Act of Fate.

  2. This strip is good insofar as it proves that Artie can carry an entire strip in which he’s pretty much just arguing with himself.

  3. Doesn’t she link them from her main LJ, at least occasionally? I was hoping she did, so that I could find them all in my archive binge.

    For the record, yes, I’m a habitual archive binger.

  4. I love Mongor so much. Add in Artie and things get especially awesome, partly because I love Artie so much and partly because they play off each other so well. I would watch their talk show.

  5. @Artie: I can understand why you wouldn’t like cats (being a sentient rodent and all), but would you be willing to be my friend if I promised never to eat you, nyao?

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