Sketches from APE

I should totally go back to making people do sketches for me at APE every year. For one thing, it’d give me more stuff to fill Sundays. For another thing, I got a lot of cool artwork.

I can’t identify all the artists here, but the big gerbil on the left is by Jesse Hamm and the tiny silhouette gerbil has got to be by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey. Dirk Tiede drew Dave with Kate, his character from Paradigm Shift, and Jason Thompson did the detailed sketch of the con-goers. (Speaking of which, if you like H.P. Lovecraft and/or comics, check out the Kickstarter drive for Jason’s Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath.) The rabbit is by my friend Mohamed Elhassan, who’s a laser scientist. I’m pretty sure the woman’s face at top right is by Steve Leialoha, a wonderful artist best known right now as the inker on Fables. That’s quite a score.

Andrew’s sad Green Lantern fan comes from his story “Waiting for Galactus,” in his minicomic Famous Mobsters of Finland, which debuted at that year’s APE. Copies are still available!

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  1. I need to get out to more conventions.  No, first I need to be not broke, then I need to get out to more conventions.

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