The Cartoonist Gives Credit Where Credit Is Due

I asked Jonathan Towne for permission to use his character Titus, and Jeff Wells for permission to use his character Ginny (who appears briefly near the end of this storyline) way back at the first Narbonicon. I really enjoyed their characters’ personalities and give-and-take. I hope I did them justice, especially Titus, who’s a great cranky henchman guy.

I really was playing a lot of “Donkey Kong Country” around this time.

9 thoughts on “The Cartoonist Gives Credit Where Credit Is Due

  1. It was, and still is, so very flattering to see Ginny in action in the canonical strip. Now that we’ve officially let the gerbil cat out of the bag over at Skin Horse, I can finally say things like, “I hope we see more of her in Skin Horse.”

    • Like I just said to David Harmon (below), you folks REALLY need to finish the Narbonic/Skin Horse RPG in the worst way! I can guarantee that if it’s priced reasonably, your fans (alright, me) will happily buy copies, even if just for the mad science aspects. (Especially if you put in a great Device Name Generator like in the Men In Black RPG!)

      Please, please, please, pretty please hurry up and finish the Narbonic/Skin Horse RPG so we can have fun with it too!

  2. What ever happened to the Narbonic RPG? I never did see more than a few fragments of rules. I still think Risus would be a pretty good base, arguably better than the Amber-style rules.

    • Yes! That deserves to be finished, and maybe expanded into the Narbonic/Skin Horse RPG and Resource Book, much like how Guardians of Order did for the first two seasons of original Sailor Moon, the first seven(?) eps of Tenchi Muyo! OVA, and Dominion Tank Police.

      Come to think of it, maybe you folks could modify the Tri-Stat System used in Big Eyes, Small Mouth and its spinoffs (mentioned above) to work with the Narbonic/Skin Horse RPG?

  3. How am I supposed to write a filk about Titus?  Aside from the fact that I just used the melody to “Macavity” at Skin Horse today, what the heck rhymes with “Misanthropie”?

    Misanthropie, Misanthropie, there’s no one like Misanthropie,
    Regenerating kneecaps, he defies the laws of entropy …

    … maybe not …

  4. Titus and Ginny are pretty awesome characters. @Ed – can you rhyme anything off of “Titus”?

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