Narbonic Vol. 2: Now With 60% More Chris Shadoian!

Aw, I love the bonus story Chris did for Vol. 2. I paid for it with a rock. Seriously, he wanted a stone from a particular beach he’d visited at Half Moon Bay, and I lived near there, so I went out there and got him a stone.

In addition to the above artwork, Chris did a really cute tiny painting of Helen for me. He’s a wonderful artist. I always wanted to pitch a Fantastic Four comic with him.

3 thoughts on “Narbonic Vol. 2: Now With 60% More Chris Shadoian!

  1. @eddddd:  Here you go.  The genuine 100% authentic dialog that I just now made up …

    PANEL 1:
    Dave:  … gasp … Mell, not that I’d complain to an armed woman, but why am I the only one pushing a 400-pound cart?
    Mell:  Dave, we agreed, you’d push the cart uphill, I’d push it downhill.
    Helen: Quit bickering, you two, we’re almost there …

    PANEL 2:
    Mell:  And where’s your hump?  You’re supposed to have the shoulder hump!
    Helen:  It’s OK, Mell, the hump isn’t necessary.
        Stylish, but not necessary.

    PANEL 3:
    Artie:  On the remote chance that my fears are wrong, why are we climbing this hill when a thunderstorm’s coming?
    Helen:  Because tonight, we’re going to hurl the Gauntlet of Science into the frightful face of Death itself!

    PANEL 4:
    Dave:  Isn’t that stolen from …
    Helen:  It’s not plagiarism, it’s an “homage”.  Fair use and all that …

    PANEL 5:
    Dave: It still seems …
    Helen:  Less talky, more sciencey!  Set up the collectors!

    PANEL 6:
    Mell:  So what are these for?
    Helen:  What make you think I need a reason?!
    Dave:  I had hoped.  Silly me.

    PANEL 7:
    Helen:  By pure coincidence, It so happens that I do have a reason.
        One that will strike back at our greatest foe.  Behold!

    PANEL 8:
    Mell:  Hey, that looks like that auditor …
    Dave:  …from the IRS.
    Helen:  Yes!  An auditor that I SHALL CONTROL!  BWAHAHA!

  2. Looking at panel 1 of the first page, I just automatically assumed that Mel was riding on a multi-megaton hydrogen bomb….

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