Dirk as Dave

Aw, Dirk. What a guy. Dirk’s awesome cop/werewolf comic Paradigm Shift is, of course, still going strong. We’ve been drawing boss fanart for each other lately. Check out the ongoing fan strip by me and Jeff Wells, “P.S. I Love You,” on Dirk’s site.

Meanwhile, Zoe Zandbergen drew these incredibly cute sketches of various Narbonic and Skin Horse characters. Thanks so much, Zoe!

Omigosh that Dave is so cute.

6 thoughts on “Dirk as Dave

  1. (TUNE: “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”, Tears For Fears)

    Dirk draws stuff for me …
    I draw stuff for Dirk …
    Readers, can’t you see?
    On this building,
    There’s no staircase!  Are you so dense?
    Have I not explained importance?
    All they ask is WHAR IS SEXY WULFS?

  2. Clearly, this Dave is better than the one in the strip. Because he has good taste in music. Because he shares MY taste in music. Therefor, end of story. And if any of you want my 1988 copy of the ‘hotel detective’ maxi-single I have in record format, well you can just forget it ‘n weep in shame, ‘cuz it’s mind all mine all mine suckers. Mwwwahahaha

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