8 thoughts on “Summer Gerbil Photo Contest: Ren Faire! Yes!

  1. One of my first faires, there was a lady with a little toy mouse in her cleavage, who proclaimed it to be her titmouse.  *rim shot*

    • I’ll see you and raise you one: A friend of mine in the SCA had two personas, her regular noble one and a peasant girl for when she didn’t feel like getting all dressed up in her usual Tudor outfit. One morning, while she was having her coffee as her peasant persona, someone came by asking if her noblewoman persona was awake (not realizing that she and the peasant were one and the same). My friend’s reply was, “no, but serf’s up!”

  2. I think I vaguely recognize some of these Rennies, but I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve actually seen them at other Faires around the region, or if I’ve just read the archive too many times.

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