Results of the Summer Gerbil Contest, Part II

This isn’t the farthest a Narbonic gerbil has traveled–no one beats Speedy–but it’s damn close.

Andrew and I saw Bjork at a BART station in San Francisco a few years ago, when her boyfriend the Cremaster dude had a show at SFMOMA. It was late at night and the station was almost deserted. We saw this little girl running around who looked like a tiny Bjork, and then a full-size Bjork went by and we were like holy crap that was Bjork’s daughter. To this day, we still refer to the Montgomery Street station as the BJART station.

I think every guy I’ve ever dated has been a Bjork fan. I don’t know why that is. I don’t have that magical Scandinavian pixie thing going on at all, although I do hate paparazzi. And that is the extent of my knowledge of Iceland. I’m sorry, Iceland. You look good in these photos.

2 thoughts on “Results of the Summer Gerbil Contest, Part II

  1. (TUNE: “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”, The Beatles)

    Pictures that came from a journey to Iceland,
    Where Reykjavik rocks at the Hard Rock Cafe!
    There in the corner, a Viking is waiting
    And looking for something to slay!

    Look at him stand, with his axe in his hand,
    With determined and muscular jaw!
    Gerbil that’s perched on his shoulder
    Will make him go “Awwwww!”

    Viking with a gerbil on shoulder!
    Viking with a gerbil on shoulder!
    Viking with a gerbil on shoulder!

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