A Guide to Winnipeg

I got really into assembling the collage out of old magazines and travel brochures I found at the Mission Thrift Store in my old neighborhood. This is one of those things that seemed hilarious at the time and, in retrospect, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But I had fun.

Kevin and Iris, I know this is kind of belated, but I apologize for not actually including much Winnipeg action in this story. I should have had the characters take some time to enjoy the sights of Winnipeg, but I was impatient to move on to the next storyline. I miss so many opportunities that way.

7 thoughts on “A Guide to Winnipeg

  1. (TUNE: “Winnie The Pooh”, Sherman & Sherman)

    Up on the plains of Canada,
    Where winter is like a knife,
    The province of Manitoba saw
    A city that came to life …

    Where Harlequin Romance books are writ,
    And folk dancers shake a leg,
    If you want a home, then this is it!
    The city of Winnipeg!

    It’s Winnipeg, ooh!
    Winnipeg, ooh!
    Pretty little city as flat as that,
    It’s Winnipeg, ooh!
    Winnipeg, ooh!
    Canucky, lucky, plucky ol’ town!

  2. The drawing of Helen+Mell for “Harlequin Romance” now makes me think of a certain otherworldly penny-dreadful that shows up here every so often.

  3. Thank you, Ed.


    And for all the filks I neglected to thank you for, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!


    But really, for this one, thank you very much indeed.

  4. I love how the guys in the “911” drawing look kind of like slightly-mad versions (note the open labcoats) of Dr. Noah and his android, or one of his androids.

  5. The speed limit sign is odd.  60 MPH = 100 KPH, 100 MPH = 160 KPH (approximate).  The sign looks like it’s saying 100 KPH = 160 MPH, maybe it’s just a reproduction artifact.

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