Sketches from Comic-Con

My drawing of Derek didn’t come out nearly the way I wanted it to. I could do a better one now. Oh well. Sorry, Derek.

I’m wearing a Comic Book Legal Defense Fund T-shirt by James Kochalka. It has his character Fancy Froglin saying, “I am wearing tiny pants to hide my genitals!” I used to wear it a lot and people would look at me funny.

The thing about Roger Langridge is only partly a joke. He shared a room at San Diego’s filthiest hotel with Spike and her then-boyfriend (now husband). They called the front desk to complain about all the cockroaches, and the desk attendant said not to worry about them because they were “water roaches.” Roger had to sleep on the floor with the water roaches. Comic-Con is a cruel mistress.

5 thoughts on “Sketches from Comic-Con

  1. She was trying to eat them all, and then Homeschool Joe mentioned the sulfur content of bat guano.

  2. If you were a swarm of bats, and you were in Mell’s mouth, wouldn’t you want to fly out at the earliest opportunity, too?

  3. I think that that drawing is an excellent depiction of the Eldritch Horror that is Melody Wildflower Kelly. No wonder **SPOILER ALERT!!!**




    God throws Mell out of Heaven in a later story arc.


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