Four Years Old!

This is it: the greatest Narbonic fan art ever. (Okay, greatest paper fan art; that stained glass piece is pretty amazing.) Dave looks like a Gluyas Williams cartoon and Artie’s on a tiny velocipede and there’s that awesome ship in the background that nobody but Vera would even bother to draw and the mustaches. Holy crumbs. I’ve got it framed and sitting on my mantelpiece now.

Man, is that ever a great drawing.

13 thoughts on “Four Years Old!

  1. The only thing I could say against it is that Dave seems a little too self-confident. But it is gorgeous.

  2. The mustaches, I might add, are a touch of an extra-attentive artist, one who understood that the drawing wouldn’t be complete without a pinch of the unexpected.

  3. I think it’s the greatest fan art period. The stained glass can’t compete with a gerbil on a tiny penny-farthing. That’s priceless.

    • I had the exact same feeling about Mel. Does that say something bad about us, or something strangely Freudian about Helen and Mell?

  4. It’s worth noting that Vera anticipated mustaches as a hipster-nerd trend by a good five or six years. That’s why she’s the genius.

  5. Dave’s expression strikes me as the look he gets when holding forth about some topic of great depth and importance, such as the nobility of the Dave race, or rarely-spotted subtleties in Minbari politics in season 3 of Babylon 5.

    It would also explain the somewhat nonplussed expressions sported by Helen and Mell.

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