Dirk’s Narbonicon Pic

As you may have guessed from reading through this and the Skin Horse archives, every time I see Dirk Tiede I bully him into drawing my characters. I love his hot manga-fied versions of them. This weekend Dirk is my liaison at Arisia in Boston, and I fully intend to make him draw stuff for me. You hear that, Dirk? This will happen.

I really wrote “Yo, homes.” Sometimes I think I must have been drunk when I did all the Sunday installments of Narbonic.

8 thoughts on “Dirk’s Narbonicon Pic

  1. Cars, werewolves, street scenes, everything Dirk draws looks hot.  I look forward to more of his guest art.

  2. Maybe you were adressing actual houses and apartments?

    I realize this doesn’t refute the drunk interpretation, but it’s still an option to consider.

  3. I’d write a filk for Dirk (I really like “Paradigm Shift), but I don’t know how to rhyme his last name.  Is it pronounced like “teed” or “tied” or “tee-dee” or “tidy” or “kalamazoo” or what?

  4. Heh. It wasn’t until the second time I watched “Pulp Fiction” that I realized Marcellus Wallace was not going to call “a couple of hard, pipe-hittin’ [colleagues] to go to work on the” houses in the neighborhood “with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.” Partly, I think, that was the influence of the Kaiser Soze “neighborhood” approach. “He burns down the houses they live in, and the stores they work in. He kills people who owed them money.”

  5. @ Ed: I think that he mentioned somewhere in the comments section of PS that it’s pronounced Tie-eee-dee. (Don’t hold me to this though, my memory isn’t the greatest.)

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