Sir Pounce!

Who doesn’t like cat photos? Terrible, terrible people, that’s who. This still makes me happy. The cartoon Sir Pounce was named after a cat owned by my friend Cory-Ellen, so there’s the potential for some kind of infinitely recursive cat-name strange loop here.

What else do we have this Sunday? I know! Years ago, Jim Alexander, creator of Algernon’s Dilemma, drew a Narbonic guest strip that I never used for some reason. I’m sorry, Jim. Anyway, he reminded me of this and send me a fresh copy of the strip, and here it is. Jim draws, ahem, rather busty ladies, a fact upon which I may have commented in our email conversations.

Thanks, Jim!

7 thoughts on “Sir Pounce!

  1. (TUNE: “You’re No Good”, Linda Ronstadt)

    Different artist … changed us a bit!
    Here’s what’s hardest, now my clothes don’t fit!
    I barely wrestled my t-shirt on …
    Look at us, look at how we’re drawn!

    We got boobs!  We got boobs!  We got boobs!
    Helen, we got boobs!
    (Hey, man, my eyes are up here!)
    We got boobs!  We got boobs!  We got boobs!
    Helen, we got boobs!

  2. I’d post a “Boobies!” link (Shaenon will get the reference), but I think that it would be redundant…

  3. Speaking of cat names, I was once owned by a cat named Pouncival. So I guess “Sir Pounce” had a spiritual predecessor of sorts?
    Oh, and since nobody else said it,

    The naming of cats is a difficult matter,
    In fact, it’s not one of your holiday games.
    You may think at first that I’m mad as a a hatter
    When I tell you a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES!
    –T. S. Eliot

  4. I’m awfully late for this. Jim Alexander’s strip is 100% Li’l Abner-y. It totally fooled me into thinking Al Capp had drawn an homage to Narbonic. *Then* I remembered Al Capp is dead since the Seventies. Time travel is rad.

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