A Narbonic Dream

One of my all-time favorite Sunday strips. Dana’s dream is really cool, and I loved drawing the chibi characters. The drooling, lobotomized Dave came out especially well.

I sometimes had Narbonic-themed dreams while drawing the strip (never since), but they’re probably best kept to myself. If you really want to see what kinds of things I dream about, Jesse Reklaw drew one of my non-Narbonic dreams for last week’s Slow Wave.

6 thoughts on “A Narbonic Dream

  1. This is a pretty good Narbonic storyline. It’s got plenty of stuff that isn’t covered in many other stories: external anatagonists, Mell getting suckered, and a climax so awe-inspiring that to actually attempt to communicate it would do it the greatest injustice. And, of course, Dave getting the losing end of the laser beam twice in succession.

  2. @Leon – Not to mention the fact that it could very easily fit in with the final reveal about Dave.

  3. I noticed a couple of cute details that Shaenon added … such as the gerbil tail on Mell’s graduation mortarboard in panel 4.  What I can’t figure out is panel 3 … apparently Mell has mugged Kid’n’Play, and stolen their hair?

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