Halloween Costume!

This got even weirder later on, when I drew Titus into Narbonic for the “Professor Madblood and the Lovelace Affair” storyline. At the time I drew this strip, I was already planning to do that. At the first Narbonicon, I had asked Jonathan Towne and Jeffrey Wells if I could use their roleplaying characters, Titus and Ginny, in Narbonic. I really liked Titus and I needed a character like that for Dave to talk to in “Lovelace Affair.” So thanks again, guys, for letting me exploit you. Also, that’s a pretty boss costume.

I think it was Andrew’s idea to put Dave in a supermarket Skeletor costume. Dave is never enthusiastic about stuff like this.

Meanwhile, in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a video chronicling the adventures of James Rice’s plush gerbil, Speedy!

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