Near-Narbonic Experience

Hey, Shaenon here. I’m posting from my slightly belated birthday party, while I wait for my Skin Horse collaborator Jeffrey Wells to return from the corner store with more red wine. I need wine, dammit! Wine!

Anyway. Narbonic. Right. I totally worship and adore Lea Hernandez, so getting this comic from her was an enormous thrill. She showed me the pencils at that year’s San Diego Comic-Con, in, like, July, and then six months passed before she finally got the thing inked and scanned. But, as you can see, it was more than worth the wait. This is easily one of my favorite pieces of Narbonic art ever. Argh, so cute.

And, yes, I love the hell out of “Lilo and Stitch.” For some reason there’s a butt-ton of “Lilo and Stitch” merchandise in Japan, so when I was in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago I got myself a keychain of Stitch eating Tokyo Tower. It’s super cute, but not as cute as Lea’s comic.

Right. Back to the party. Shaenon out.

8 thoughts on “Near-Narbonic Experience

  1. Dave’s head isn’t supposed to be egg-shaped. But the other characters are pretty keen – especially their crying.

    “Bladder Blaster”. Could this be the manliest soda pop name?

  2. Dave’s head is exactly the right shape, which is BEAUTIFUL. I love Lea’s fuzzy Dave.

  3. The reason there’s a ton of merch in Japan right now is that the anime version of the TV series started a few weeks back.

  4. Japan loves Stitch.  It’s because everybody should love Stitch; he brings something to all audiences.  Boys love that he’s gun-toting and lifts three thousand times his own weight; girls love that he’s uber-cuddly.  And obsessive grown-up fans (read: me) love trying to establish a working knowledge of the language he’s speaking.

    The cast also includes a cross-dresser, a mad scientist with a funny accent, a little girl with a level of eccentricity commonly associated with Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes, and a few modestly hot Hawaiians.  And Ving Rhames.  What more could you ask for?

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