A Holiday Greeting Card

Hey, how about some more guest art? Andrew’s already posted this on the William Bazillion site, but for our birthdays our good friend Konstantin Pogorelov gave us this illustration of Mell and Andrew’s antihero, William Bazillion, together at last.

I love this so much. Konstantin’s website is here.

Yeah, I was really into drawing these kiddie versions of the characters for a while. Also, coloring is hard.

7 thoughts on “A Holiday Greeting Card

  1. There’s an obvious choice for a song parody here, but I’ve already used Elton John’s “Rocket Man” three times.  Gotta think of something else …

  2. Dashing through the snow

    on a rocket-sled today!

    O’er the fields we go

    screaming all the way!

    Mell is having fun,

    Helen loves it too;

    Dave’s just trying not to puke

    while his insides turn to goo.




    Rocket-sled, rocket-sled,

    flying through the snow!

    Oh what fun it is to ride

    when you don’t know where you’ll go!

    Rocket-sled, rocket-sled,

    grab another scarf!

    Put it over poor Dave’s mouth ’cause I think he’s gonna…

    Oops, too late…

    (Woo-hoo! My first Narbon filk!) 

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