A Sestina by Eric Burns

For the curious, Eric explains the story behind the sestina in this Websnark post. Even better, he then Snarked this very installment of Narbonic in a follow-up post. I guess I should have responded by writing a sestina about the blog post about the comic strip about the blog post about the sestina, but I’m a lot lazier than Eric and I blinked first. My keywords would be when, will, y’alls, bring, back, and Websnark.

Thanks again for all the poetry, Eric.

6 thoughts on “A Sestina by Eric Burns

  1. There once was an Eric who snarked
    In the sestina form for a lark
    And, to augment this feat,
    Wrote in iambic feet
    (With some amphibrachs for extra marks).

  2. I believe this commentary counts as another shot fired in the feedback loop wars, after the long cease fire. Eric Burns has no choice but to respond in kind.

  3. Now if Eric had written a sestina about Mell’s top-secret mission, it would have been “The Snarking Of The Hunt”.

  4. Eric was away from his computer yesterday, and so missed his window of opportunity to return volley on serve.And I prefer to think that Websnark’s torpor is less T.S. Eliot and more William Carlos Williams.

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