4 thoughts on “More Haiku

  1. OK, now imagine, to the tune of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” …

    “It’s haiku, haiku,
    Lotsa Narbonic haiku …”

    And now that will be running through your head all day.  Mwahaha.

  2. OK, a little late to the party here. Sorry.

    Friday: Remember that Mell is really the only one of the main cast at this point who knows just how scary Helen is. Caliban probably has some idea as well, but likely no one else who’s still alive. We readers never really even find out, but we know that “real Helen” even scares Mell.

    Saturday: I just used “As prophesied” as my reply when someone asked me how I was doing. I really want to get to the point where that’s habitual.

  3. I used to have a friend who liked saying things were “in accordance with the prophecy” a lot. Including on his written reports to his senior officers. Did I mention he was in the Navy at the time?

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