Moleman’s Christmas

Oh, man! First of all, to everyone reading this in real time, I apologize for the posting delay. WebComicsNation had server problems that I could not control, but it looks like everything’s back online now.

And today’s installment is worth the wait, because I have the greatest photo to add. Last weekend, at the Stumptown Comics Fest, I finally met Sara Palmer and Janet, who is now older and amazingly well-read, in person. I gave Janet a plush gerbil, which she showed off to everyone at the convention, as most of the other exhibitors can attest. Afterwards, Sara sent me this photo:

Thank you so much, Sara and Janet! It was great to meet you at last!

And just to add a plug, you too can curl up with a plush gerbil and Narbonic book after visiting the Couscous Store. Also at the store: the Collective’s brand-new anthology, BEARDS, featuring an all-new Narbonic story.

P.S. The above Marvel Holiday Special story got a boss online writeup here, courtesy Chris Sims.

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