City of Villains, Part 1

Hey, we’ve caught up to the point at which people started doing video-game versions of my characters! Sweet! I love the incredibly badass Artie, and that is an extremely fanservice-y Mell.

Speaking of badass gerbils, Becky Horn sent me this photo:

Writes Becky:

Meet Jane. She has a backpack filled with the necessities: a spoon, a sword, a pen, a towel-’cause she’s a hoopy frood–and a screwdriver. And yes, it’s sonic. Also a total kickass journal–bet Speedy doesn’t have a journal. Heh. Heh. Heh. AND her apron does say “evil”. With the little heart and everything. WOO!

Nice work, Becky! I bet Speedy doesn’t have any piercings, either.

7 thoughts on “City of Villains, Part 1

  1. Jane + Speedy = Jadey.  They can name their daughter Jade.  And when Jade grows up, she can date Race Bannon.

  2. OK, nobody else has said it yet (or it hasn’t been been moderated into visibility yet), so I guess it falls to me this time:

    Why does Dave have a cigar?

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