More Paper Dolls: Artie!

Artie really should not wear pink pajamas. I’m sorry, Artie. The white tux, however, I find intriguing.

Valerie even made up a superhero costume, since Human!Artie wasn’t in the strip way back when I drew the superhero (okay, supervillain) versions of the characters. Actually I did draw Man-Artie in a superhero outfit at the time, but I couldn’t share it without major spoilers. Anyway, my costume didn’t have a utility belt with a little water bottle, so I have to bow to Valerie here.

6 thoughts on “More Paper Dolls: Artie!

  1. @Adam:  They’re Proton Energy Pills.  They give him the brain power of 20 Stephen Hawkings for a period of 20 seconds!

    And as long as we’re making “Roger Ramjet” references:

    (TUNE: “Yankee Doodle”, traditional)

    Artie Narbon
    With his garb on,
    Looking super-human!
    Voting Green
    With mutant gene,
    He tries to be a true man!

    “Good” is his vocation!
    We should mention
    His intentions
    Cause pure devastation!

  2. @Adam: That’s right!  You know, ’cause pet rodents love yogurt drops (or yogies) as treats, but… vegan…

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