MileHiCon Notes

This may very well be the most nippley installment of Narbonic.

Pretty much everything here is real and not exaggerated in any way. For some reason I didn’t write anything about the Klingon/Starfleet wedding I attended at MileHiCon. I really enjoyed that wedding. I figure that if you’re going to have a non-traditional wedding where you write your own vows and stuff, you might as well go all-out and have some fun. For the record, the wedding was officiated by a Jedi.

“Fandom means never having to say, ‘Now, where would I wear that?'” was an actual quote from the con.

“Boobs by Steve” is a reference to a guy I know. I probably shouldn’t say any more. Derek Kirk Kim is working the “Actual Comix” booth. Comic cons are getting more kid-friendly nowadays, though, since there are now kids reading comics again. There were a lot of families at WonderCon last weekend.

I know it looks like I’m being sarcastic about the painting of the mermaid riding the Pegasus, but that honestly wasn’t my intention. I put some Narbonic strips up at the art show (and also drew a week of strips while sitting at my table there), and I was totally intimidated by the level of craft in the other pieces on display.

I don’t know what was up with all the portraits of Scott Bakula, though.

Man, I love sci-fi conventions! I do way too many comic cons and not enough sci-fi cons! Somebody invite me to more sci-fi cons!

8 thoughts on “MileHiCon Notes

  1. My guess is that the prominent pictures of Bakula were because that was the year that Star Trek: Enterprise started to actually be a watchable show.

  2. I bet it was Ron saying that about conventions being the perfect place to wear nearly anything. That shirt looks like a very Ron sort of shirt.

  3. I just want to say that it took me four years to fully purge the title “Spec’s Appeal” out of my brainspace. And now look what you’ve done!

  4. I remember Way Back When, Arisia had tiered fees for putting stuff in their Art show, to the effect of: Anything Star Trek, $50, naked womanoid $25… and so on down to “something original, free!”

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