Narbonic Cosplay

Will you look at this? These folks went all-out. Definitely my favorite part of MileHiCon, even better than the Klingon wedding. I really enjoyed that con, by the way.

And now, because I’ve been remiss in posting new art, here’s Ed Gedeon’s Narbonic/Skin Horse epic “Were-Gerbil.” Ed did this Sunday’s Skin Horse art, too. He’s a busy guy.

Thanks, Ed!

7 thoughts on “Narbonic Cosplay

  1. M: You were one of my favorite MileHiCon organizers! I’d love for them to invite me back one of these years.

  2. I dropped out of the committee a few years back so I no longer have any pull, but I’ll mention it to Rose. I’m much less of a convention attending nerd than I was. Now I’m much taken up with china cabinets and brewing beer.

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