Marita Campos Guest Strip

Maritza was originally going to draw this for the previous guest week, but she ran a little late, which was good because I was able to run it here. Good work filling another Sunday, me! Maritza put in a lot of attention to detail. At one point she emailed me to ask what color the characters’ eyes were, since I always just draw them as black dots in parentheses. For the record, Helen’s are blue, Dave’s are hazel, Mell’s are green, and Artie’s are, you know, whatever color gerbils’ eyes are. Black. They’re black when he’s human too.

Up there at top left is the Narbonic logo I was using at the time. I went through a bunch of them.

Anyway, thanks again, Maritza! I really like this strip.

3 thoughts on “Marita Campos Guest Strip

  1. For one terrifying moment I was worried Dave had contracted Perpendicular Tongue. But I’m not sure if quite enough of Helen’s playfulness has rubbed off on Dave that he’d rhyme Artie with “startie” apropos of nothing.

    If anything, this strip serves as a valuable window for seeing just how daggy Dave’s taste in plaid is. (Well, okay, I guess it does match his shirt.)

  2. Time to start the week of Christmas-themed filks …

    (TUNE: “Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer”, Johnny Marks)

    Dave never started smoking,
    But still has a problem, see!
    Artie explains to Dave that
    He’s fixated orally!

    Objects go in the mouth now,
    Dave has got a pen to chew!
    Artie says it’s a problem;
    Dave retorts, “What else is new?”

       As they argued back-and-forth,
       Helen wandered by …
       “Dave, you found my evil pen!”
       Stuck it in her mouth again!

    Says Artie, “That’s not kissing!”
    Dave replies, “Well, who asked you?”
    If Artie doesn’t watch it,
    He might end up down the loo!

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