4 thoughts on “Narbonic Babies: The Conclusion

  1. Dr. Narbon’s “Evil Sr.” shirt just makes me think of Se?or Se?or Senior from “Kim Possible”.  And if present-day Helen wants to see some true evil, what about the Star Wars Holiday Special?

  2. @fluffy: I’m going to disagree (slightly) with reynard.  Gigli was so awaful because the two leads had NO onscreen chemistry whatsoever.  Even though they were engaged at the time.  If they had had real chemistry, te movie would have been in the ‘weak’ category and completely unriffable.  As it is, knowing the leads were engaged and that the engagement fell apart later, this makes the movie superbly riffable.

    Pretty much like Anne Heche and Tommy Lee Jones in “Volcano”.  Just knowing Anne is going to come out of the closet in real life makes their scenes hilariously riffable.

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