Edie, Part Two

It was a total genius move on my part to make the robot a little floating sphere. That’s way easier to draw than, like Wall-E or something. Good work, me!

I wanted 512 to have an old-school “Star Trek” look; that’s why she wears a minidress and boots. I didn’t end up drawing the strip long enough to get very good at drawing her, unfortunately. Oh well.

7 thoughts on “Edie, Part Two

  1. Strip 1 panel 4 is pretty biting.

    In an unrelated note, those diamond stars may be entirely in tune with nursery rhyme astrophysics, but they make it look like these characters are being rained with confetti. (Either that or shojo sparkle-vision. Is this a not-at-all subtle message from our author ordering us to start crushing hard on this bespectacled biddy?)

  2. (TUNE: “Route 66”, Bobby Troup)

    If you ever travel out in space,
    On this planet, you’ll say “Man, it’s just the place!”
    You’ll have fun
    On Donovan – 1!

    But you … you’ll be working day and night,
    Way up there on the barren satellite
    That you’ll run
    For Donovan – 1!

    While you’re up there and floating,
    We’re down here gloating!
    Fresh air, warm sun,
    You won’t have none!
    Here’s your robot …
    The only friend you’ve got,
    So you won’t go crazy!
    (So, the artist’s lazy!)
    He’s your buddy;
    Yeah, life is cruddy!

    You’re just like the other techie dorks!
    If your back itches, Luke, then use the forks!
    Job’s begun
    On Donovan – 1!

  3. I predict that, one day, it will be conclusively proven that Ed Gedeon is the not only the first fully self-aware AI, built from the world’s first working positronic brain, but also the first filking AI, and thus the first AI with a sense of humour.

  4. And the first AI with a self image as a *****-*****-year-old glasses-mustache-dude.

    No, wait, second.

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