Edie, Part One

It’s totally crazy that this has come up in the Director’s Cut right now, because I’m kinda sorta trying to revive Edie. I’m working on an illustration of her, drawn in another style, for an online magazine, and two days ago I pitched an Edie story to a publisher. I have no idea whether any of it will pan out, but the character has been on my mind lately.

I’ve been afraid to reread the “Edie in Orbit” strips, but they’re pretty cute. Some people have commented that Edie could be Dave’s distant descendent. That is entirely possible.

12 thoughts on “Edie, Part One

  1. I would love to see the Edie concept come back– These were some of my favorite Narbonic weekends by far.

  2. These are cute and clean, but aren’t skimping on details. Like that landscape, for instance. I suppose it’s kind of bare, but it’s sufficiently suggestive of a wide environment.

    I never really got a good handle on how old Edie is. Fourteen? Twenty-one? Immortal? She seems to be in a world as far advanced from our mundane existence that anything is possible. (Also, I’m going to believe that in the future, glasses are either for fashion or augmented reality.)

    Say, up in the sky there in the second-last panel! Is that… an astronomical time-lapse exposure? But in reality?!

  3. Woo! This is pretty awesome.Also, the posture and hairstyle does vaguely remind me of Dave…

  4. I don’t know about Edie, but I think her luggage is a descendant from The Luggage.  I also like the two-headed tourist (3rd strip, panel one).

  5. Are you going to get the Five vs Four mixup (the one that you said you were going to fix in the archives) fixed in the Director’s Cut?

  6. @Sean Riedinger: Do you really think age can be discerned by external appearance in THE FUTURE?

    Also, most people Shaenon draws tend to have neotenous tendencies, so it is sort of difficult to tell.

  7. In the last panel, it looks a little like Edie’s head is transparent, and we’re seeing the railing through her head. It’s just  the temple of her glasses, but it’s an odd illusion.

  8. One of these days, I want to understand this trope of transparent front-hair. Edie appears to have a more severe case than most, but it seems like any character with the right artist influences will have bangs, tails, or other forehair that is completely transparent where it comes between the “camera” and any feature of interest, most particularly the eye.

  9. I just figured Edie’s transparent front-hair was actually transparent. (And possibly two solid chunks rather than made up of individual strands, too.) Particularly since those sections had thicker outlines than the rest of her hair; I figured they were different from her regular hair.

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