Edie, Part Three

I never even got to the point of introducing Donovan-Prime, the organic computer that runs the Donovan satellite. It was going to be this horrible giant cyborg fetus thing. I was really looking forward to drawing it. Anyway, that was going to be the core cast: Edie, Steve (or, more precisely, a small floating robot with the personality of Steve), and Donovan-Prime.

I mentioned this when the last set of Edie strips came up, but I’m currently working on some new and very different stuff with Edie, so it’s interesting to look over these old strips.

6 thoughts on “Edie, Part Three

  1. By the looks of its font, that Donovan-Prime must be some pretty old hardware.

    I estimate that, had this strip run its natural course, Steve and Edie would have been friends by week four, enemies by week six, and forbidden lovers by week eight. By week ten one would have saved the other’s life, and by week twelve the other would have returned the favour, and then some.

    What would have never been explained is how exactly a plastic sphere manages to have such an incredibly expressive mouth.

  2. When he says he was catching a flight to Argo … you meant the same world that Leslie Fish mentioned in her infamous filk?  This could not possibly be a coincidence, amiright?  Anyways, you know what tune I had to use once I saw that name …

    (TUNE: “Banned From Argo”, Leslie Fish)

    I had a job on Donovan, and worked both day and night;
    But now I’ve got vacation time, tomorrow is my flight!
    I wake up in the morning, and I’m not amused at all,
    Because my bosses scanned my brain and stuffed it in a ball!

    But I
    Planned an Argo trip for me!
    Planned an Argo trip with all the sights to see!
    I worked a lot of overtime and saved up all my bread,
    But now I’m just a plastic floating head!

  3. @Leon: No, they have to get married.  They’re Steve and Edie, for heaven’s sake!  Maybe they sing duets too.

  4. I would welcome more Edie, original or 2.0, but before that, what’s the deal with Li’l Mell?  Are she and Sergio in webcomic limbo?  If that’s the case, do we at least get to see them shimmy under the stick?

  5. Li’l Mell updates when artists become available. Cameron, the latest artist, just bowed out, so I’m not sure what to do with it right now.

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