Andrew’s 24 Hour Comic, Part One

As mentioned previously, this was the first and only time Andrew and I did 24 Hour Comics Day. Originally I had planned to run my 24-hour comic after Andrew’s, but I chickened out. It was an autobio comic that got kind of personal and emo.

Andrew’s comic involves a few ideas he was working on at the time but never ended up developing into a finished comic. He wanted to do a sci-fi adventure comic, and he wanted to do a comic based on himself and his younger brother Chris as kids, and somehow the two ideas combined into this.

3 thoughts on “Andrew’s 24 Hour Comic, Part One

  1. And it’s 24-Hour Comic Day (yester)day! It’s almost a coincidence.

    In space, everyone can recognise everyone else’s thumbprint.

  2. Ok, this is years too late, but maybe someone’s looking and can tell me why all the aliens surrounding helmet-dude are saying “ramune”?

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