Andrew’s 24 Hour Comic, Part 2

And this is Andrew’s older older brother, Dave. I assume he’s sorting baseball cards, which Andrew also collected and continues to have strong opinions on.

In addition to his three brothers, Andrew has a big sister, Lisa, who doesn’t appear in this story; she would have been in high school or college when Andrew was this age. Big family, the Faragos. Big Sicilian family.

Just for the record, we own “Sanford & Son” on DVD. The kid on the couch is Andrew’s older brother Mike. It’s also pretty much what Andrew looked like when I met him.

I think Andrew still owns that shirt.

As an adult, Chris graduated from college with a double major in English and mathematics, married an NSA codebreaker, and became a poet, and I’m sure he deserves far better than this. But these drawings of him are pretty funny.

More of Andrew’s 24-hour comic. You people have no idea how hard it is to fill a Sunday sometimes.

Andrew periodically talks about doing a comic loosely based on his childhood. This was drawn during a period when he had the idea of drawing his younger brother Chris as a crayon scribble. So, Chris, if you’re reading, this is what you looked like in Andrew’s head. After drawing this comic, though, I think he soured on the idea and went back to drawing Chris the same way as everyone else.

Andrew does some good cat drawings in this story. We just got a cat recently and we’ve both tried our hands at drawing her, with mixed success. Her name is Tesla. Like her namesake, she’s got enormous reserves of energy and she loves pigeons.

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