Twenty-Four Hour Comics Day: The Day After

This was the first and last time Andrew and I did 24 Hour Comics Day. It was fun and kind of an interesting learning experience, but my appetite for all-nighters is easily sated. I made Andrew look really strung-out in this drawing, but it’s a pretty accurate representation of our condition by the end of the day.

Based on this post, Lea Hernandez drew the most adorable picture of me ever, which I have treasured ever since:

I actually own that Punisher nightshirt.

9 thoughts on “Twenty-Four Hour Comics Day: The Day After

  1. That makes one picture that communicates intense exhaustion, and one that’s just adowable.

  2. I’m sorry, Shaenon, but I can’t help giggling at Ms. Hernandez’s implication that your breath-fumes are visibly unpleasant after 24 straight hours of comic-drawing.  (Naturally, I’m sure that condition is abnormal for you, much like spending 24 straight hours drawing comics.  It’s just funny.)

  3. You actually have a Punisher nightshirt? HOW?!?

    It’s an XXL T-shirt they gave out as a promotion for one of the recent Punisher movies. It’s probably a lot more awesome than the movie was (unless the movie was “Punisher: War Zone,” which is amazing).

  4. @andy4hire: I didn’t get the impression of unpleasant breath-fumes; rather that Shaenon’s soul was taking its leave of her mortal frame.

  5. Shaenon, I’ve never seen your 24-hour comic, but Andrew’s was the first piece of his I ever saw, and it made me a fan.  Have you posted yours anywhere?

  6. @metalfatigue:  That possibility occurred to me, too, but the vapor in question looked a little too big and diffuse and curly and smoky to be a soul.  Souls usually seem to be smaller, more viscous (to the extent that a vapor can be “viscous”), and more glowy or sparkly or shimmery or otherwise lit-up when they’re depicted visually.  You’re right, though–we shouldn’t rule out that possibility.

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