Time Travel Outtakes

These behind-the-scenes Sunday features were a lot of fun to do, but now they’re kind of hard to write commentary for. I mean, they’re already Director’s Cut material! I do want to stress that I cut a ton of strips and subplots from “Unstuck in Time.” The ones I ran here are just the funnier ones.

Okay, new bonus material! I feel really bad about sitting on this for so long, but two years ago Markus Gerwinski sent me this photo of his wife Sandra in a Narbonic evil tee he made for her. He writes, “Meet Germany’s latest evIl theologist!” Thank you, Markus and Sandra!

Nowadays, if you want an evil T-shirt of your own, you can purchase one through the ComicSpace store.

5 thoughts on “Time Travel Outtakes

  1. (TUNE: “Lucretia MacEvil”, Blood Sweat & Tears)

    That t-shirt is evil!
    Got an evil book as well!
    When we flirt with evil,
    Then we just might go to hell!

    Got some nice bargain-price
    T-shirts galore!
    Just for you!  Buy ’em through
    ComicSpace store!
    Look at that wicked smile ..
    Evil-wearin’ style!

  2. I’ll admit it – I too flipped the JPEG horizontally to read the sketch bleeding through the paper on that first one.

    I kind of wish Mell playfully mocked Dave a lot more often.

  3. Time travel movie recommendation: “Los Cronocrimenes” (2007) (“Time Crimes”).  It’s of the first variety, and the best example I’ve seen.

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