A Narbonic Coloring Book

Again, I owe a huge debt to James Rice for designing the coloring-book puzzles in this installment, as well as many of the puzzles in previous installments, and printing the final book. He really got into it. So thanks, James!

James writes:

Shaenon asked me to come up with more ideas for puzzles, so this one seemed pretty obvious. What does the phrase say? You’ll have to work that out for yourself.

When we published the coloring books, we discussed whether or not to include an “answers” page. I suggested that we should, but that all the answers should be wrong. Shaenon immediately agreed, then left it to me to create all the wrong answers. That meant that all the puzzles were created twice, including the maze. It was one of those jokes that Shaenon like so much, the kind with huge amounts of work with very little pay off. I don’t know if anyone ever noticed.

James writes:

This was my favorite drawing in the coloring book. I re-used the Gerbils in the front left for a couple of my later fan art pieces. Apparently no one noticed what those two gerbils (back right), are doing.

James writes:

I was just kidding about the two gerbils. How long did you spend looking?

10 thoughts on “A Narbonic Coloring Book

  1. Not long, because I decided you meant the nose-to-nose ones in the mid-back right were kissing.

    Still, reasonably evil of you.  Good work. 

  2. Not very long. When my brain’s pattern recognition returned a blank, I decided not to bother.

  3. If anyone’s curious, I ran the ascii text through a translator, and it says something like: “I could work a lot faster if you would stop distracting me.”

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