Like I said, the Canadian spider-goats captured readers’ imaginations. I think my favorite line is, “Spins a web, if you please / Made entirely of feta cheese.” Because I really like cheese.

The fills I did behind Artie are terrible, but I like my spider-goat background.

So, yeah, people immediately wrote me some Underdog songs. People are great that way.

2 thoughts on “Spider-Goats!

  1. “We know who’s genes Helen-Dave has. And we know that the Spider-goatshave spider genes. But if Artie is going to be the self-appointedspokesgerbil for the trasgenic community, shouldn’t we know who, orwhat genes he has? Clearly, he’s mostly gerbil, but what else does hehave inside him? Whatever it is, it’s not what made him smart, thatwas the intelligence serum. His transgenic genes kept him from goinginsane from the serum. If his trasgenic genes are human, was itHelen, Mell, or Dave’s genes? I’m guessing Dave. He’s clearly theone with the most sanity.”
    James Rice, 1 Oct 2002

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