The Greatest Jack-O-Lantern Stencil EVER

James Rice writes:

A friend of mine started carving elaborate jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, plus, the comic strip Tails From the Mynarski Forest was putting out pumpkin templates each year. Those two things inspired me to try making my own pumpkin carving templates. My first couple of templates really sucked, but I got better at them, and this one came out pretty good. I was as thrilled as Shaenon when people actually carved evil pumpkins with them.

It’s true. I really was thrilled. I’m always delighted beyond reason when people make Narbonic stuff.

Speaking of which, I got awesome artwork at Wondercon this year! Seanan McGuire gave me this sweet little painting of Helen. By the way, you totally want Seanan’s filk album Red Roses and Dead Things, which includes a Narbonic song, “Oh, Helen.”

And then Zoe Zandbergen gave me this drawing. Holy crud she is baking cookies. This is adorable. Thanks, Zoe!

6 thoughts on “The Greatest Jack-O-Lantern Stencil EVER

  1. I like Evil Helen the Jack-O-Lantern. That’s right up there with a Tracer Bullet Jack-O-Lantern I saw once.

  2. (TUNE: “Electric Avenue”, Eddy Grant)

    Oh wow that’s freakin’ neat!
    Electric cookie sheet!
    Now throw the third switch, Igor!
      (repeat over and over)

  3. If you really like people making Narbonic stuff… I just had an urge to make a Narbonic-themed coffee-mug cosy. Can I?

  4. Considering some of the stuff that has ended up in Dave’s coffee over the past few story arcs, God (and, of course, Helen [then again, is there *really* a difference?]) only knows what’s in those cookies…

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