Wedding Album Art

Wow, this was when I was getting married! You can probably tell which parts I drew and which parts Andrew drew. He handled all the panels with Spider-Man in them. All in all, our wedding CD was pretty boss.

If this isn’t cute enough for you, here’s Helen and ur-gerbil by James Fung. Thank you so much, James! Eee!

6 thoughts on “Wedding Album Art

  1. Leon: It’s got drawn-Shaenon’s horizontal stripes and general hair-look. That’s all I got.

  2. (TUNE: “Comfortably Numb”, Pink Floyd)

    Hey, we’re gonna have a wedding!
    There’s gonna be some music,
    So we chose a bunch of tunes!

    So Andrew
    And Shaenon drew, too …
    Like an album from the Sixties,
    Full of underground cartoons!

    When we were engaged, we made a CD!
    We filled it with our fav’rite songs!
    We made the cover like “Cheap Thrills”,
    We tried to show off our artistic skills,
    We weren’t on pot or pills!

    We’re … drawing some … homage to Crumb!
    We’re … drawing some … homage to Crumb!

  3. Cool!

    Album cover parody is pretty much the only genre of drawing I’ve done consistently for the past decade, sad to say. In 1999, I drew a parody of TMBG’s Pink Album for my future husband’s birthday card, and I’ve stuck with the theme. None of them are as good as this, though.

  4. I love this comic. Truly adore it. Reminds me of conversations my hubby, my brothers and I have. Yet this is what I respond to…

    …We have the same wedding anniversary!!! It makes Valentines actually mean something 🙂 Woo!

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