Webcomics Symposium

This was fun! Swarthmore looks a lot like Vassar, where I went to college, only with even less partying. We had a good time, though. And now I can say I’ve been part of a Symposium! Thanks again, everyone at Swarthmore!

The image the Symposium used for the flier is a commission I did a while back. I was asked to draw a big Jack Kirby machine, and voila, there it is. I think Andrew drew the Kirby Krackle in the doorway.

Speaking of commissions, sort of, this is the part where I announce the special I’ve got going this month at the Couscous Store. During March, any purchase of Narbonic and/or Skin Horse books comes with an original tiki-themed sketch. Check the store for details.

2 thoughts on “Webcomics Symposium

  1. (TUNE: “Dirty Laundry”, Don Henley)

    I went to Swarthmore when they said, “Please come
    To our new Webcomics Sym-po-si-um!”
    Andrew went and drew me some
    Awesome Kirby Krackle!

    With Howard, Rich, and Eric … and Wednesday too!
    We all got together, now we’re talking to you!
    Look at what my sweetie drew!
    It’s some Kirby Krackle!

         Look at all the dots!
         Floating in the air!
         Energetic spots
         Fry your derriere!

         Look at all the dots!
         Floating in the air!
         Man, he’s drawing lots!
         (Speakers?  We don’t care …)

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