4 thoughts on “Summer Gerbil Photo Contest Winner

  1. (TUNE: “Brave Sir Robin” from Monty Python And The Holy Grail)

    Brave jerboa Arthur
    Rode into David’s vein,
    There to face the source of plague!
    Brave gerbil Arthur!
    There to face the tiny foes
    Who infect the bondsman’s blood …
    Brave, brave, brave gerbil Arthur!

    He will slay the tiny ones
    Who are making David ill,
    Making all his lymph nodes swell,
    Causing a fever,
    Darkening of toes and fingers,
    Cramps and seisures too,
    Save Dave, brave gerbil Arthur!

    To stop the swelling and stop the bleeding
    And stop the coughing and stop the vomiting,
    Stop the (OK, that’s enough singing for now, lads)

  2. ^_^  Notes: Medieval Dave’s bloodstream represented by the Frick Park creek in Pittsburgh.  The microbes’ fortress is a Shrek 2 playset.  Medieval Artie’s shield is the Narbon coat of arms from a much earlier Sunday.  I made the microbes on the battlements out of Sculpey and seed beads.

    Also, people at the Renaissance Festival think the chainmail gerbil is the best thing ever.  Just sayin’.

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