The War Seems

I did a few political Sunday strips over the years, but this is probably the best one. I drew it at the Cartoon Art Museum meeting mentioned in the last panel, so the art’s pretty hurried. I don’t know why I made everybody look like Fisher-Price people, but I wish I’d done it more often; it’s kind of cute.

I don’t like to talk politics on my webcomics sites (I didn’t do any comics about September 11, although I did post emergency information on my site), but around this time I was frustrated by the lack of media coverage of protests against the Iraq war. Of course, I live in San Francisco, which is Crazy Hippie Town as far as the rest of the nation is concerned, so I guess it’s not news if thousands of people take to the streets here. But the same thing happened in many other cities. Now it seems the media is all too happy to cover protests against the government, as long as they involve angry retirees in sunglasses waving swastikas and guns and spouting conspiracy theories about secret anti-Palin government eugenics programs. It’s frustrating.

This country must seem very strange to the rest of the world sometimes. I guess what I wanted to express was that sometimes it seems strange to those of us who live here, too.

8 thoughts on “The War Seems

  1. (TUNE: “I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die Rag”, Country Joe & The Fish)

    Yeah, come on all you cartoonists!
    Stand up and fight with both your fists!
    Dubya says we’ll use awe and shock,
    Wipe out the bad guys in Iraq!
    So put down your pens!  Let’s start a war,
    ‘Cause peace is worth killing for!

    And it’s A, B, C,
    This is a trage-D!
    We’ll stir up the Middle East!
    No reason in the least!
    And it’s E, F, G,
    Get your ass blown to H!
    We can ship you home in a little box;
    Woohoo!  Man, wartime rocks!

  2. S’OK, speaking on behalf of the rest of the world, we know you folks aren’t all crazy 🙂

  3. We have conspiracy nuts like that over here in the UK, too, who believe in the secret FEMA concentration camps and the like.

    Apparently they all work for the same magazine as my (totally sane) housemate. Don’t know if they have any theories about anti-Palin eugenics programs, but I’ll have to ask her. If not, I’m sure they will soon.

  4. Chris – where’s the next photo, where someone turns around and the guy gets clobbered?

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