The Characters Strike

Yes, I’m being very silly and self-indulgent here. Let me have my fun on Sundays.

An old-school Nixon supporter chided me about Helen’s T-shirt here. It’s based on a vintage button I used to have. Man, I wish I still had that button.

Incidentally, I drew Helen’s boobs really big in some of these panels.

Man, I love drawing the characters in little beach outfits. I swear Mell is wearing a bikini bottom under that shirt. You can see the ties dangling from it in the last panel.

Sunbathing John Cusak would probably have a nasty sunburn because he’d been in Chicago all winter and wasn’t acclimated to the beach, and he’d be kind of mopey about it, but in a wry, amusingly self-deprecating way, and then he’d need someone to comfort him and rub lotion on his back.

Predictably, Artie is the only one who takes the strike seriously.

7 thoughts on “The Characters Strike

  1. Gratuitous summer bikini shots: yet another venerable webcomic tradition.

    I would just like to mention that those palm trees and sun look delightfully contrived and artificial.

  2. I’m reminded of the utterly genius One Over Zero, in which not only did the characters mount a successful strike — after a week without moving, the author ran out of ways to make the strip interesting by varying the camera angle — but one of them also managed to strike back against the artist by being really hard to draw.

  3. One Over Zero seems to be a pretty long strip.  Where should we be looking for the strike?

  4. Sadly, it doesn’t have much in the way of navigation, no storyline divisions, etc.  So, you’re just going to have to read the whole thing!  It’s well worth it and, at exactly 1000 strips long, won’t take that long to complete once you get into it.  It’s one of the classic webcomics.

  5. Is Artie taking the strike seriously?  Is he really?

     “And why don’t I get a drink?” is pretty telling, after all, and it foreshadows his less-than-stellar performance as an idealist.

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